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Phil DaRosa Going Track By Track with Joe Viglione on the BETTER DAYS CD

Going Track By Track with Phil DaRosa on BETTER DAYS

Written by Joe Viglione
Friday, 31 July 2009 08:56

GOING TRACK BY TRACK is a series of articles with artists talking about the recording of their music with an emphasis on a specific CD or album.

Music Business Monthly: Why did you decide to record (14) songs for this disc.

Phil DaRosa: I never really ‘decided’ to record this many songs… I basically decided to record all the songs that have been lingering over the past decade or so (and that were unrecorded), as well as the newest songs that I really thought would work within the context of the composition, and then narrowed in on the ones that came out the best, both sonically and in their given arrangements.

Music Business Monthly: Were all these songs recorded and mixed at the same studio?

Phil DaRosa: Yes, I recorded everything, mixed everything, and mastered everything in my home studio, Tight Records Studio.

Music Business Monthly: Did the inspiration for this work come all at once, during a fixed period in time, or was it spread out over many years...or longer?

Phil DaRosa:As mentioned above, I took songs from the past and present and tried to pick ones that would really work together in context to make a coherent piece.

Music Business Monthly: Are all the tracks by the same musicians and, if so, how long has this particular group been together?

Phil DaRosa:No, there are certain tracks that have different guest musicians than the majority of the songs on ‘Better Days’. The primary group of guests are Jackson Smith (Bass), Sturgis Cunningham (Drums), Jeremy Milligan (Guitar), Jeff Bujak (Keys), and myself. Other guests include Steve Ide (lead guitar on ‘So the Story Goes’ – Slide on ‘Hard To Tell’

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