Monday, April 25, 2011


Q:17 tracks is closing in on Exile On Main Street territory. Is this the Fox Pass version of Exile On Main Street and how long did it take you to collect all the music?

Q: Hurry Cherie is vintage Fox Pass. How far back does it go?

Q: And what era is Front Page Girl from?

Q: Cool Dreamer has the writing team of Hostage/Macey. Is this from the Macey's Parade days?

Q: Was "She Dreams of Me" written about anyone special? How does it fit into the pantheon of Fox Pass music??

Q:The Spark sounds like a Jagger/Richards lead-off-the-album kinda title. What's it about?

Q:It's Rock was performed at the Orpheum Theater when the band opened for Roxy Music. What was it like performing the song on that huge stage?

Q:Hey Rainbow - Fox Pass has dipped into psychedelia and great sixties pop...this sounds like a "sunshine pop" it Sunshine Pop a la Jerry Ross's productions of Keith and Spanky & Our Gang?

Q:High On You from a band that is known to play to sober crowds sounds like a good step in the direction of putting priorities first. The band has gotten away from the rehab-influenced music of Macey's Parade - what are the themes the band is exploring on Intemporel?

Q:How far back does AMTRAK go?

Q:Ian Anderson had Hymn 43...what does Song 91 represent?

Q:Is "The Scared Mountain Is Falling" the longest Fox Pass track on record? Did anything from the Tom Dickie & The Desire Days come close to this length?

Q:Ticking of the Clock: Where does this song fit in Fox Pass history - past or present? And what's it about?

Q:Younger Than We Knew, We Will Be Free, One More Song, A Long Goodbye - it's a lot of music to absorb in an age when radio is less friendly than it was in the 70s...what makes each of these titles distinctive to the songwriters and without giving the plot away, what are you conveying to the they college radio fans or people in the audience?


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